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Workshop Title

"Leadership and Management for Safety in a Challenging Environment"


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 23-25 June 2015

Please be aware that during the afternoon of Monday 22 June an introductory session "Implementation Challenges with Transition from GSR-3 to GSR Part" will be organised by the IAEA. This session is for those interested in understanding more about the general safety requirements in the area of management systems. This session is optional for participants of the Workshop.

On Friday 26 June a technical visit will be organised to the Hinkley Point Unit B and HPBC Visitors’ Centre – there will be limited places available for the visit and will be on a first-come first-served basis. The visit will leave the offices of EDF Energy at 8am and return arrival time will be 4pm.


EDF Energy Offices, Barnwood, Gloucester

See venue location here

Workshop Host

EDF Energy

Workshop Objective

To promote a sustainable management system, as developed through the IAEA safety standards (GS-R-3, GS-G-3.1 and GS-G-3.5) and to provide for an international forum for the exchange of experiences, practical examples and case studies.


This is the thirteenth in a series of Workshops that the IAEA and FORATOM have organized jointly to raise awareness, increase understanding and promote the application of the IAEA Safety Standards on management systems. The nuclear industry is currently in a period of significant change where there are many countries with new build projects, either in progress or planned. Among them are countries where nuclear energy is being implemented for the first time. At the same time, there are countries where the nuclear industry is downsizing and even being phasing out. There are a number of both political and economic drivers for these changes, which affect all of the organizations concerned.

The industry is also seeing many people with knowledge, e.g., in design, fundamental safety principles, operation and maintenance, retiring from the workforce, and a new generation replacing them. Topics like public opinion, safety, economics of nuclear energy, security, safeguards, and both internal and foreign affairs are perhaps more important than ever.

All of these factors mean that effective management of change is vital, and there are both opportunities and risks involved. These drivers bring new challenges to knowledge, competences, leadership and management. International guidance and standards are being developed/updated at the same time as these sometimes rapid changes.

This workshop is intended to give participants an opportunity to discuss these topics, to influence international progress in the area, to better understand their own situation and the potential development needs within their organizations.


Workshop Approach

Each day will focus on a specific topic, relevant to the sustainability of an effective management system:

Day One:          Leadership and Management for Safety

Day Two:          Thinking Beyond Rules, Managing Risks

Day Three:        Practical Examples of Managing Safety

In the plenary morning sessions the subjects will be introduced by keynote speakers and during the afternoon sessions on the two days there will be parallel interactive working groups on topics linked to the subjects discussed in the morning. Participants are expected to actively contribute to these sessions and are advised to prepare the contributions based on their experiences. At the end of afternoon the results of the break-out sessions will be presented in a plenary session.

The Workshop will focus on a number of key aspects of a sustainable management system such as:

•           Lessons learnt from challenges in safety management
•           The development of leadership to improve safety culture
•           How risk appetite can contribute to nuclear safety
•           Risk during change management
•           Day 3 topics – see section ‘Call for Papers’

The focus of the Workshop will be on the exchange of practical ideas and strategies, not on theoretical or abstract concepts, or on restating the content of IAEA safety standards. The sessions will also focus on the identification of common difficulties, possible solutions and good practices with regard to establishing, implementing, assessing and continually improving management systems.


See 'Programme' page for further details.

All participants are cordially invited by EDF Energy to a gala dinner on Wednesday 24 June at Hatherley Manor Hotel in Gloucester. Buses will leave from the Workshop venue and return participants at the end of the evening to the 3 local hotels in the vicinity of the Workshop venue.

Who Should Participate?

The participants should be senior managers and professionals with responsibility for establishing or implementing, assessing, and continually improving management systems. The Workshop will be of particular interest to those involved in any projects defining and implementing integrated management systems. The participants should come from nuclear power plants, nuclear power companies, regulatory bodies, research institutes, research reactor operating organizations, radioactive waste management companies, fuel cycle facilities, and from other organizations dealing with radioactive sources. Participation of supplier organizations (manufacturers, designers, engineering companies, etc) is also desirable. The participants should have experience in the establishment and continuous improvement and innovation of Management Systems and Organizational/Safety Culture.

Working Language

The working language of the Workshop is English. All communications, synopses, full papers and presentations must be prepared in English.

Participation Fee

275€ + VAT (21%) before 15 April or 325€ + VAT (21%) after 15 April. The IAEA has limited funds at its disposal to help meet the cost of participants from countries eligible to receive technical assistance under the IAEA's technical cooperation programme. The deadline for application has expired (03 April.


Registration Fee includes:

  1. the IAEA FORATOM Workshop 23-25 June
  2. introductory session "Implementation Challenges with Transition from GSR-3 to GSR Part 2 on 22 June"
  3. A dinner on 24 June hosted by EDF Energy
  4. the visit to Hinkley Point on 26 June.

Deadline for registration is Friday 29 May, 2015.

Participants applying for an IAEA Financial Assistance Arrangements must do so no later than 3 April, 2015